My name is Petya Konstantinova and I created this website to share my art with more people. Even though I completed my studies in a completely different field drawing is my way to express myself and it’s an extension of my thoughts and my own self.
I have a BA degree in Bulgarian Philology from the Plovdiv University "Paisii Hilendarski" followed by an MA degree in PR from the Sofia University “Kliment Ohridski”. At that time I 

considered it natural to continue with a career in the same field and not even for a moment did I admit that I could turn my hobby into profession and make my living out of it.
After nearly ten years of working in an office, two ulcers and a haemorrhage fate had put me on a crossroad and made me reconsider if I was on the right path. The change came as a huge stress, it shook me out of the trail I had trampled for years absolutely convinced there lay no other ways in front of me. I had to completely reevaluate my capabilities and most of all the meaning I put in words like “certainty”, “hap

piness” and “time”. In this period the people close to me stood firmly by my side and this made me believe I should try and change direction. It's easier to get some job in some office but you may not always get a chance to listen to your inner voice and follow it.  
Now I feel happy with what I’m doing and I’m glad it happened to me! I hope I succeed to embody in my artwork the desire and faith that dreams can come true. 
Planned or unplanned, expected or unexpected – changes occur in our lives and sometimes stepping off the beaten track is not a disaster but
a new opportunity. I currently reside and work in Prague; my work allows me to travel and to be independent from a particular location. I use each possibility to participate in different art formats, exhibitions and festivals held in my home country.

Petya Konstantinova

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